What Services Can Swimming Pool Builders Offer?

Building a swimming pool for your home or property is an incredibly exciting prospect, however, there are a couple of things to consider if you’ve not gone through a swimming pool construction process before. Sadly it’s not as easy as digging a hole and chucking some water in there – you have to think about the planning before it is built as well as the purpose and upkeep of the pool once it is complete.

Using the services of professional pool builders is certainly advisable, this is a big investment to make and you want to make sure you’re getting the right people in to bring your vision to life. Taking this into consideration, here in this blog we outline to you, some of the services that a pool builder can provide you with.

Inground Guidance

There are several different materials a pool can be created with, each has different benefits and it’s important you think about which will suit your property the best. Concrete will permit you to create any kind of bespoke shape, vinyl gives you a greater range of colours and designs for the pool surface and fibreglass makes for a quicker installation as the shell is just lowered into place.


An enjoyable part of your planning can be the shape you’d like your pool to have, you can pick if you want a piano shape, a star, or a classic rectangle. You can also pick the width and length, but you must consider how it will fit into your land, you may also want to look into the planning regulations to ensure you don’t encroach on anyone else’s property before you get started on your swimming pool design. Any reliable pool building manufacturer will be able to assist you with this.


No doubt you may have already thought about the fact that a swimming pool could be expensive, but until you make a budget you won’t be able to set any plans in stone. Once you set aside a figure for the work you can begin to talk with contractors to work with the right company to suit your budget Remember that a pool will likely increase the value of your property, possibly changing how much you will be willing to invest as a long-term investment.


Once your pool has been built you’re going to have to keep it clean, a pool building service often offers cleaning and maintenance services too. If you don’t clean your pool it won’t be a nice place to swim and could put off future buyers when you want to sell your property. Filters require regular cleaning and maintenance and seasonal maintenance is key to the overall condition of your pool.

So you need to think about if you are going to do this maintenance or you are going to employ someone to do it for you. You need to ask yourself – who will maintain my pool and do I have the dedication to do it continually? If not – employing someone to do it might be the most sensible option.


If you have children then safety is a highly serious point to consider. When planning your pool, you need to factor in safety devices such as pool covers, gates and equipment to have at hand when anyone is in the pool. You won’t be able to leave children unattended and a pool building company will be able to offer you guidance on safety factors.

Permitting Process

Your standard permitting process can be quite time-consuming and complex, especially when you’re unfamiliar with it. Lots of homeowners make the mistake of overlooking the process of obtaining the necessary building permits and end up raking up substantial fines that could have been avoided if they’d known the process a little better. A professional pool contractor will know the specific permits which are required and how to get them as quickly as possible for different cities. You can avoid significant delay and cost when you allow a professional to complete the permitting process on behalf of you.

Building Regulations & Codes

Not only are there several building codes you must be aware of but some locations require pool construction to be completed by a licensed pool contractor. So, you can receive heavy fines or be forced to stop work on your project if you’re not aware of proper building codes and regulations. It’s also crucial to have the pool built to code by a professional for safety’s sake. Plenty of mistakes can take place during a DIY job simply due to a homeowner wasn’t aware of how to build the pool according to regulations.

Time Frames

There are a lot of components for building a pool. All of these things put together require a major time commitment, and it can be hard to find the tools and personnel required to complete all these tasks if you are unfamiliar with the overall construction process. Most people don’t have the time which is required to get the job done within a reasonable amount of time due to the level of work, family, and various other time constraints. The pool will get built much faster if you hire a pool contractor who already has staff and subcontractors who are familiar with the overall process.

The Bottom Line

Some of the most important parts of the process of a beautiful pool being built are all in the detail and the things that are added throughout the construction process – which you may forget about. Lots of these details require experience and training. So, with this in mind, you’re sure to have a better result when you leave the practicalities to the professionals.

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