Mosaic Tile Pools Guide

When planning a swimming pool installation, whether for a residential or commercial project, one of the most important elements to specify is the choice of tiling that will be used. A swimming pool can include decorative tiling to impart an image of luxury and elegance. 

Swimming pool mosaic tiles have been favoured since they were introduced around 3,000 BC. Combined with today’s materials and techniques, mosaic tiles add a luxury finish that can make your swimming pool look superb.


What Are The Best Tiles For Swimming Pools?

Glass and porcelain are often popular, but the best material of all is glass mosaic tile as they create the best surface for the inside of your swimming pool. 

Porcelain has long been a popular swimming pool tile choice, but it is more labour-intensive and can be the pricer option to install. They are more durable, especially in areas where there is a lot of foot traffic. Porcelain has a high level of waterproofing and colour retention. Chemical solutions can be used to hygienically clean the non-slip surface. They can be placed in your garden to create a wonderful Mid-Century Modern design, making every day feel like a vacation!

Glass has a beautifully soft, silky texture that’s comfortable on bare feet. It’s ideal for any temperature, making it a versatile choice for an outdoor swimming pool or a plunge pool in an indoor spa. Glass mosaic pool tiles are hygienic, simple to clean, and chemical resistant. They also improve the aesthetics of your pool, in both natural and artificial lighting, glass mosaic tile has a brilliant, glittering lustre. It also gives the impression that your pool is much larger than it actually is. Glass tiles offer an extensive range of colours and its translucent qualities add increased interest, vibrancy and luxury.

Grey Step Pool

Why Are Swimming Pool Tiles Usually Blue?

Blue is well-known as a universal colour as it resembles the colour of significant natural elements, like the sky and ocean. Most buyers prefer blue-coloured tiles for their pools as they mimic the natural ambience.

More recently people are stepping away from the traditional blue tiles as they want the pool to look discrete and blend in with its surroundings. Grey and black large format tiles are a popular option as it’s the perfect option if you want the true crystal clear water with no colour, adding a modern element to your back garden. Not only do these tiles create a unique look but they tend to retain more heat keeping the pool warmer for longer. 

Grey Tiled Steps

Another option for tile colour on the rise is a light cream colour as the water colour reflected is an aesthetically pleasing aquamarine. This hue of blue will give your pool a sense of brightness, calm, and relaxation.

Cream Tiles

What Is The Best Swimming Pool Tile Size?

A glass swimming pool mosaic tile often measures between 2 cm and 5 cm. Ceramic and porcelain are generally sized between 2.3 cm and 5 cm. The maximum size is around 10 cm. If your swimming pool has a curved design or rounded edges where the sides and floor meet, small mosaic tiles are far more successful in accommodating the shape.


What Are The Different Types Of Tiles?

Modular Swimming Pool Mosaics

A modular system allows for easy and quick installation as it  employs huge panels made up of many small tiles. The edges of modular panels frequently interlock to create a constant pattern of seamless tiling. Small tiles of various colours or variable tints of a single colour may be randomly put in panels. A modular panel’s tiles can also be arranged in a specific pattern to create a unique design.


Square Swimming Pool Mosaics

The timeless square pool tile creates a smooth, spacious appearance to create an appealing, randomised design. A modular mosaic panel can incorporate square tiles in regularly spaced rows or squares of varied sizes. One or more colours can be used for the squares. Large square tiles are simple to install and use less grout than smaller square tiles. 


Iridescent Swimming Pool Mosaics

Iridescent glass tiles provide a spectacular shine above or below the waterline in your swimming pool or spa, adding a unique visual impact to glass pool tile. No other material or finish comes close to the way the finish shimmers in the sun, which is accentuated even more by the crystalline waves of the ocean. As a border or accent tile, or as an iridescent backsplash, these tiles can be used in a variety of ways.

Green Tiled Pool

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