Inground Pool Design and Landscaping Ideas for Your Garden

The design of each house and garden is unique. But when it comes to choosing an inground pool, there are some basic considerations: maintenance, privacy, safety, size, and design. Lots of swimming pool owners are not sure where to start in terms of creating their desired look, be that a tropical oasis or a contemporary, chic retreat.

Having an inground pool makes the perfect space for anyone to relax and unwind. Sitting next to or lounging by your pool with lots of plants around you will make you feel near nature and it will also create a stress-free environment. So with this in mind, we will give you a round-up of some of our favourite inground pool design ideas you’ll surely love!

A Beautiful Walkway

Simply laying some beautiful stones between your deck and your pool area is like rolling out a red carpet for your outdoor space. A backyard walkway can act as a beautiful link between two halves of the same garden together for a relaxed and Mediterranian look and feel. Favourite choices for this include a playful trail of individual stones, a flagstone-inspired design, or faux-wood options that blend the longevity of concrete with the rustic simplicity of grainy wood.

Invest In Some Shrubs

Take yourself away to a luxurious retreat without ever having to step foot from your garden. Landscape gardens with shrubs, bushes, and plants that lie close to the ground conjure up a “resort” aesthetic that will make you feel relaxed. Take this landscape inspiration to the next step by replacing all or some of the surrounding grass with rocks or pebbles, or you could add some complementary cobblestone pavers to your overall backyard design.
There is no doubt about the fact that this year has made people appreciate being at home on a whole new level. Lots of us in the UK have been unsure when foreign travel will return to normal, and many people have greatly missed the simple pleasure of going for a swim on holiday. This indicates that rethinking your home setup couldn’t come at a better time. There are a few ways that you can modernise and renovate your pool to make it a much more enjoyable place to spend some time.

Tasteful Tiling

Frequently, tiles need to be replaced after a few years of use, particularly at the waterline. This can alter the appearance of a pool and make it way more appealing to the eye. There are a variety of options for tile types, for example, glass, stone and porcelain.
You will be able to also choose to personalise your pool with a fun mosaic or even glow-in-the-dark tiles that will be great for children. Having beautiful new tiles installed can be the perfect way of giving a beautiful and appealing finish to your pool, and keeping it well maintained at the same time.

LED Lighting

Lighting utilised from underwater LED lights can set the mood in the pool area. They are also ideal for anyone who likes the idea of an evening or night-time dip, making sure that you can prevent any possible accidents and also see what you are doing. LED lights can be energy efficient and they can be simply adjusted for colour and intensity using a logic controller. They are also ideal for creating the
right kind of ambience for any special occasions you may be using the pool for at any given time.

An Outdoor Bar 

When you install a swimming pool bar, you can enjoy a delicious snack or sip on a drink without impeding the relaxing poolside experience. You could go for an integrated kitchen and barbecue with a small refrigerator to make sure your beverages remain crisp and cool on even the warmest days. For smaller pools, you can choose to have a few bar stools to sit on while enjoying your bar snacks or beverages.

A Beach Entry

Another relaxed design approach to take with your pool may be a sloped walkway, this is also referred to as a beach entry. This is ideal for paddling, introducing young children to the waters or simply relaxing in a lounge chair while cooling your feet in the water. Beach entries make it possible to gradually introduce yourself to the pool, without having to suddenly jump or climb in. In the same manner, exiting the pool is always easier, just as though you were at the beach.


You might not always physically be in the pool while enjoying it, so it is essential to have a suitable decking or patio area for sunbathing or enjoying refreshments. There are several design options to pick from, for example, paving, natural stone or wood. While a paved design may look more symmetrical, a custom design with natural stone can give a pool a more particular character, better suited to the surrounding garden and the design of the pool.

Fire Features

To make a warm and inviting outdoor living space, one of the best factors is the lighting, particularly for enjoying the pool area after the sun goes down. When it’s used tastefully, features that incorporate fire can bring a real sense of excitement to your pool area. This can be done with fire pots, which sit on top of stone or waterfall features, offering light and a truly stylish stand out feature to space. If you want to enjoy the pool through the winter nights, then it could be a great idea to install a fire pit for keeping yourself warm, or even for cooking up some barbecued dinners.

Deepen The Colour of Your Pool

The light blue hue which has traditionally been associated with swimming pools has often been an attempt to look similar to the colour of the sea in the Mediterranean or the Caribbean- the clear, blue and endless ocean. But you could certainly mix it up and try something a little different, you might not want to settle for a blue hue when you could go a little darker? The colour of the year (by Pantone) is Classic Blue. Lots of pool owners are selecting darker finishes for their pools, not just for the exotic style it offers, but also because a dark finish will retain heat more effectively, potentially reducing heating costs in the winter months.

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