How to choose the right swimming pool for your garden?

It might be difficult to know where to begin when purchasing a pool for a home – what size pool? Is it better to be indoors or outside? What shape are you looking for? Some of these questions can be answered with our assistance! Mosaic Swimming Pools has a variety of indoor and outdoor pools in various shapes and sizes. 

This blog will help you get started on building your dream pool just in time for summer by discussing the features and benefits of some of the most popular types of pools.

Infinity Swimming Pool

In-ground infinity swimming pools are popular in modern homes. The simple deck and sleek infinity pool sets the tone, enabling our sight to be directed to the beautiful, expansive views ahead. This is the design for you if you like the visual illusion of a never-ending edge. Infinity pools offer the ultimate indoor-outdoor experience, allowing you to enjoy the pool whether you like to swim laps or relax while taking in the scenery.

Round Swimming Pool 

Swimming pools that are round have gentle edges that go in nicely with traditional architecture and decor. They make a terrific pool for a leisure pool because they are not designed for laps. They’re great for kids’ play and come in a variety of sizes and depths. Round swimming pools are ideal for smaller gardens since they take up less space in the back.


Indoor Pools

Indoor pools are a valuable addition to any home that can comfortably handle them, and in our temperate British climate, they are enjoyable all year. Indoor swimming pools are typically equipped with heating systems that allow you to adjust the water temperature to your preferences. Because the water is not exposed to the dust and debris pushed around by the wind outside, the upkeep required to keep an indoor swimming pool at its finest is also minimal.


Natural Pools

Natural pools are relaxing, visually pleasing, wildlife friendly, and add to the landscape’s harmony. These pools require less care than traditional pools because the water does not need to be emptied and no chemicals are required. It’s a good idea to get a yearly check-up, but other than that, all that’s required is to keep fallen leaves from accumulating on the surface and to clean away plant debris. Natural pools don’t need to be heated because they’re only utilised in the summer and are naturally heated by the hotter weather.


Water Feature Pools

Water features can be added to any pool, whether it’s new or old, and they’ll give it a focal point. Pool companies normally will incorporate your water feature into your design prior to construction, but you can work with your pool pro to create the thrilling feature-filled pool of your dreams afterward. 

When it comes to selecting a type of water feature, you should be creative and have fun with it. Whether your objective is to add sound and movement to your pool or to create an unforgettable focal point.

Now that you know all about the different kinds of pools you can get started on the planning. Mosaic Swimming Pools can help answer any other questions and help you build the pool of your dreams, get in touch with our friendly team here